Monthly Prize Draw

We hope you know how much we appreciate the referrals we receive from existing clients – it means a great deal to us to know that you trust us enough to refer family and friends to our clinic.

Thank you to Cheryl Ashlee, Paul Gleeson, Dave Barnard, Lisa Cummings, Lyndsey Comben, Howard Astley-Jones, Alan Griffiths, Alan and Mary Preen, Carlo Vitiello, Yvette Medri, Pauline Hinkley, Jackie Dent, Rory McCague, Jay Dine, Shirley Dewar, Mary Tait, Stephanie Shouler, Mick Peace and Robert Caen, who all referred clients to us during November, December and January!

Our draw takes place on the first of each month, and the winner of these months’ prize draws were Stephanie Shouler, Jackie Dent and Cheryl Ashlee – we have a very pleasant bottle of bubbly waiting here for you – just arrange to call and we’ll be delighted to hand it over!

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