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Why massage is so beneficial during pregnancy – Victoria Stanton

Most of us remember what we were doing or thinking and feeling at the very point that we found out we were pregnant. Was it expected, had we been trying for years to conceive, was it a complete surprise. We were overwhelmed with varying emotions, anxiety, excitement and generally getting to grips with the fact that our incredible female bodies are now busy growing a tiny human.

Women’s bodies are nothing short of incredible. From the very second the egg is fertilised we become this amazing machine that looks after and helps our developing baby grow at the same time still managing to function on some level ourselves with a lot of women still holding down full time jobs, running a household, looking after their family to name but only a few of the never ending tasks.

The first trimester is the one that most people associate with the ‘side effects’ of pregnancy as a large majority of women suffer from morning sickness on many different levels of severity, the feeling of exhaustion, tender breasts and a subtle change in our body shape. The second trimester is when we start to settle into the pregnancy, hopefully the anxiety felt during the first 12 weeks has calmed considerably and we start to enjoy what is happening to us. The Third trimester is when our bodies really start to kick things up a gear and get our bodies and our babies ready for their impending entrance into the world.

It’s usually during the second and third trimester that we become aware of the differences in our bodies and we have to start dealing with more ailments, aches and pains. Many women suffer with headaches and migraines caused by the hormonal changes. Some suffer with oedema (swelling) of the wrists and ankles as a result of fluid retention, some suffer with back pain, hip pain and general joint and muscle change which is commonly due to poor posture whilst carrying the increasing weight of our unborn child. In our modern world we are also under an enormous amount of stress causing tension, anxiety and fatigue.

This is where pre-natal massage is so beneficial. Massage generally helps to boost blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. It is incredibly important that we look after ourselves during this precious time, in my opinion, it is by no means a luxury but a necessity.

Massage is a holistic treatment that naturally encourages the connection between mind and body and between us and our baby. Massage also helps to reduce stress hormones and increase the release of endorphins and oxytocin ‘The Love Hormone’ which is highly beneficial for both you and your baby. Massage is also a fantastic birthing tool, something that can assist the labour process and is a lovely ritual to share with your birthing partner.

Pregnancy massage also gives you some well deserved ‘me’ time and allows you to completely switch off from the outside world. Your only focus during treatment is this amazing life experience and gives you the time and space to just breathe and enjoy.

What’s not to love I say?………..

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