Whiplash Injuries

The British Osteopathic Association brings to our attention the fact that, despite developments in car safety, many drivers don’t take time to properly adjust their seat belts or head restraints.  If the lap strap isn’t correctly positioned an accident can cause severe trauma from the belt itself, to the abdomen and internal organs; the shoulder strap needs to be positioned properly to avoid neck and shoulder injuries and head restraints should be adjusted regularly.  In surveys, it was found that many drivers had never adjusted the head restraints at all!!

A whiplash injury can be very painful and debilitating, affecting not just the neck, but the arm and hand as well.  Whilst we’ll continue to provide excellent help for anyone injured in this way, we’d much prefer it if you sustained either no injury at all, or as little as possible!  Click the link below if you’d like to read the full BOA article!


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