About Us

Joint Solutions is a unique, informal osteopathic and sports injury clinic, based in – Challenge House, Sherwood Drive – we treat patients of all ages who come to us with a variety of problems – these usually manifest themselves in the form of ;

  • Pain
  • Restricted movement
  • Sometimes, both!!

Our main aim in treatment is to help achieve a high level of mechanical stability, allowing each patient to reach optimum function and health.

Our clinic-based team currently has three therapists:

  • Alan Dryer – Registered osteopath
  • Caroline Musgrove – Registered sports and manipulative therapist

We look forward to helping you back to full health in any way we can.

Who can benefit from our treatment?

  • Men and Women with all kinds of problems relating to work, posture and lifestyle
  • Babies and Children; from the physical trauma of birth to problems with development that can occur as a child grows
  • Teenagers; whose body framework needs to adjust as they are growing, and who are often very active
  • Elderly people who have aches and pains associated with the signs of aging and who have discomfort associated with arthritis
  • Athletes; sportsmen and women with problems resulting from high levels of activity, training and repetitive movements

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