Osteo – Arthritis

Osteo-Arthritis  is a condition which, eventually, is likely to affect everyone because it involves the gradual “wearing out” of the cartilage which helps our joints move smoothly.  As part of this process, the surrounding tissues become inflamed and the joints become sore at times and often stiff, particularly in the mornings.

Because of its very nature, it’s not something we can recover from and it will affect everyone in time because it’s part of the aging process – it’s like wrinkles – everyone gets them, but when, and how seriously varies from person to person!

Although there is no real “cure,” there are some things which can help;

  • Taking  Glucosamine supplements has been helpful in many cases – these are readily available and provide the building blocks that the body needs to form new cartilage.  It’s sometimes supplied in combination with cod liver oil which helps the body transport it to the right places!
  • Movement – basically, “use it or lose it!”  Exercises which safely encourage movement of the affected area will assist the body in repairing what it can, and slow down or halt loss of movement range.  An osteopath or well-qualified manipulative therapist can guide you.
  • Treatment can be helpful – we regularly treat patients suffering from osteo-arthritic pain.  Gentle movement of the joints and soft-tissue work to the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments, can ease movement and help to reduce pain in many cases. After initial treatment, many of our patients find it helpful to establish a pattern of maintenance care at an interval which suits them and their particular conditions – this can be anything from once monthly, to as little as two or three times a year.

In many cases comfort in daily activities can be improved considerably.

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