Shoulders are interesting things aren’t they?  We can ‘carry the weight of the world’ on them; some may ‘have a chip’ on there whilst others may have an angel or a devil – or both!  We can stand ‘head and shoulders above the rest’; some people can ‘shoulder pain’ whilst others have shoulder pain, and you may ‘get the cold shoulder’ if you’re not careful!!  ..

Often, when we’re feeling stressed we feel tense in the upper body, particularly the shoulder area, this is also considered to be a symptom of anxiety; infact these conditions are closely linked.  Our bodies respond to stress and anxiety in a similar way – they react as if under attack, causing the ‘fight or flight’ response – adrenalin is released giving the muscles a message to go into protection mode which is to contract ready for action, however if there is no actual fight or flight to be done the muscles stay in a state of tension. If not dealt with, this can lead to a number of chronic symptoms including headaches, sleep issues, general grouchiness and low mood.

There are many components which come together to form the shoulder; bones, muscles, ligament and cartiledge can all be affected which means there are many other reasons for shoulders to feel achy or painful.  If you are suffering from shoulder pain its a good idea to see a physical therapist to determine where the issue is coming from.  Massage therapy can be very useful as it helps by improving circulation to the muscles so they can work more efficiently, it reminds the muscles that its okay to relax and puts them in a good state to support the surrounding structures.

Daily stretching can help to reduce tension and combined with massage therapy can improve mobility, and given a bit of care and time can fully recover from the cause of the issue.

If you experience shoulder aches and pains don’t suffer in silence!  Give me a call, I may be able to help

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