Wow, February already!!

How’s everyone else getting on with their New Year resolutions/intentions?? I like getting to the end of January, its a great time to reassess what is going right, what I can do better and what else I feel I could be doing.

Silly me fell down the stairs and caused myself a shoulder injury, so one of my wonderful collegues at Joint Solutions Clinic, Caroline Musgrove, has been giving me some remedial therapy. She commented on the tension in my neck, I had to confess that it was probably there before I injured myself; this led me to thinking about the advice I give to others but fail to adhere to myself – ie. regular massage is necessary!!!

Something which I feel is a bit of a theme with a lot of people I talk to, is personal maintenance – or lack of it!! We make sure our cars are regularly serviced and MOT’d and that our computer and phone equipment is up to date, but then forget that we need to look after the thing that operates all this equipment – ourselves!

There are many reasons why getting a regular massage is very good for us: reducing tension and stress, helps to relieve pain, boosts our immune system, improves circulation, increases energy levels, restores balance to our body’s systems and so much more. Prevention is better than cure, by keeping our bodies’ maintained we are less likely to cause ourselves damage and we also put ourselves in a better state to recover from injury quicker.

To read more about why maintenance is good for you,follow this link:

Maintenance Treatment – Is it really necessary?

We’re here to help!! Give us a call if you would like to discuss how a regular course of treatment could be beneficial for you.

Beccy xx

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